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Compare 4WD Hire in Australia

Are you planning an off-road adventure in the land down under with an Australian 4WD hire? If so, you are in for the experience of a lifetime! There are plenty of natural wonders to see throughout Australia with a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

Beaches galore and beautiful deserts make up much of this gorgeous country. The best way to see the sights is with a 4WD hire in Australia.


What Is 4WD Rental?

A 4WD rental is the process of paying a company to borrow a vehicle specifically designed to handle rough terrain and harsh weather conditions in Australia.

You’ll use the rental vehicle for a short period of time. The period of time could be a few days or even up to a couple months. It just depends on the company’s policies.

A 4WD hire could also be referred to as a 4×4 hire. Both mean four-wheel drive and are capable of handling extreme conditions.

Four-wheel drive rental vehicles are typically used for all-terrain driving. A transmission system produces power and sends it to all four wheels. This allows the vehicle to move freely on and off the road.

A four-wheel drive vehicle differs from an all-wheel drive in the sophistication of the equipment. All-wheel drive vehicles are typically smaller cars. Larger vehicles tend to have sophisticated four-wheel-drive systems built for unsealed roads.


What Vehicles Are Available For 4WD Hire?

There are a variety of four-wheel drive vehicles for hire. You should take care in deciding which type of vehicle to hire. You should consider the following things when selecting your intended rental vehicle.

● The number of people coming on your trip.
● The amount of gear you plan on taking.
● The estimated miles per gallon.
● The amount of power, the engine offers.
● The terrain you will be travelling on.
● The climate and weather conditions.
● The cost of the rental vehicle.
● The length of the lease.

A 4WD hire is available for the following types of vehicles. You can select from the list which type of 4WD car hire is best for you.

● 4WD SUVs

4WD SUV’s are great options for short trips. Perhaps your family is going for a day trip to a local area. The four of you will drive a few hours, spend the day there, and drive a few hours back. For a trip like that, an SUV hire would be a perfect fit!

● Full-Time 4WDs

Full-time 4WsD are an incredible travelling option for a single person or couple. There is plenty of trunk space for camping equipment. Plus, these vehicles have plenty of versatility in which terrains they can handle.

● 4WD Cars

4WD cars are excellent options for travelling families. These cars are a great fit for couples with kids. 4WD cars could be used for short camping expeditions. Just don’t forget the tent. You won’t be able to sleep in your 4WD car.

● 4WD Campers

A 4WD camper hire is the perfect vehicle for an off-road adventure. You can drive the 4WD off-roads and sleep in the vehicle overnight. Renting a campervan would provide you with a great start to an awesome vacation.

Which type of vehicle you choose to rent should be determined by the kind of trip you are taking. Four-wheel drive vehicles usually are quite large, but longer off-road, off the grid trips, will require more substantial vehicles.


What to Do with A 4WD Hire in Australia?

You may be wondering why someone would need a 4WD hire. Well, there are several reasons why someone may want to rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive. Here are a few!

● When bad weather is expected.
● To take the vehicle off paved roads.
● For moving heavy loads.

Once you’ve rented a 4WD car, you are capable of travelling to exotic places, through adverse weather conditions, and across extreme terrains.


What Are the Perks of A 4WD Hire?

A four-wheel-drive rental has so many perks to offer you. In many regions a four-wheel-drive vehicle is the only option that makes any sense; this is due to the terrain and harsh weather conditions in Australia.

A four-wheel drive hire offers these benefits.

● They are more reliable.
● They can reach most places.
● There is usually more space available in four-wheel drive vehicles.
● The vehicles can normally hold an entire family.
● Possibility of increased trunk space.
● Higher durability to rough conditions.
● Less worrying over whether your vehicle will get stuck somewhere.


Where to Use A 4WD Vehicle in Australia?

For someone with a 4WD hire Australia offers plenty to do. Some of the greatest off-road escapes exist with in the country. These places offer breathtaking views and incredible scenery.

● The High Country
● The Kimberley
● Cape York
● The Flinders Ranges
● The Gulf Savannah


How to Hire A 4WD Vehicle?

Just fill in the form above for a quick and easy quote in a 4WD rental. These are the general requirements for rental.

● The general age requirement is twenty-one years old and over.
● For renters of twenty-one to twenty-four years there may be a surcharge. This surcharge would be by the day.
● You may also need a more expensive car renter’s insurance if you are yonger than twenty-four.

Keeping those stipulations in mind, you may want to look into a rental agency that specialises in 4WD hire, Australia has quite a few of these such companies.

Just to name a few.

● Wicked 4WD Rentals
● Campervan Village
● Britz 4WD Hire
● Apollo 4WD Rentals
● Australian 4WD Hire

Enjoy the sights in your rented vehicle equipped with four-wheel drive. When you take to the deserts of Australia or relax on the sandy beaches in the land down under, do it with the comfort and security of knowing you have a reliable vehicle that can handle anything!


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