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Campervan Hire Canberra

Australia is the perfect place for a motorhome or campervan rental. From skyscrapers against golden coasts to jungle shorelines to some of the most remote and beautiful stretches of beach ever seen, Australia draws millions of tourists a year to the coasts and waters surrounding this incredible country. And with places like the Great Barrier Reefs. The Gold Coast, and Sydney, who can blame them?

However, the interior of Australia can be just as beautiful and even more engaging then the coasts. Often ignored, the interior of Australia includes deserts that stretch as far as the eye can see, an outback that is as wild as it was 300 years ago, and much more. In addition, the interior of Australia is home to one of the most important cities of all, it’s capital of Canberra. If you rent a campervan you can’t not see the Parliament House, where members of the Australian Parliament congregate.

Often seen as nothing more then a place for civil servants, the capital city of Canberra is one of the best-kept secrets of great holidaying in Australia.  Nestled in the inland Australian hills, Canberra has a beauty all its own.  A combination of unique climate and gorgeous geologic features, Canberra and the surround land is removed from the rest of the country in world all its own.

Being in the interior of Australia, Canberra is one of the best cities to explore by Campervan.  Along with traveling from end to end and staying in one of a dozen campervan parks, you can also easily travel the roads to any other Australian destination.  A fantastic infrastructure for campervans also makes the Canberra area particularly attractive, as any and all needs that you have will be easier to meet in the area.  Whether you come during the summer, spring, winter, or fall, Canberra will have something to offer you.  Lets discuss Canberra, as well as the various things you can do in the capital city.  We will also review the yearly weather, as well as campervan park locations throughout the city.

Canberra is the capital city of Australia, with a population around 380,000 people.  Centered around the governing of Australia, numerous government positions provide ample work for individuals ranging from clerks to the Prime Minister.  Beyond government and civil service, Canberra supports a wide range of services that help to diversify the people and economy of Canberra.  The largest inland city in all of Australia, Canberra is located on the northern end of the Australian Capital Territory and is the 8th largest city in Australia.

Canberra was a planned city.  Constructed in 1908 after an agreement was reached between Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra rose from the surrounding countryside with the express purpose of being a capital city.  While many locals joke that its planned design is boring, Canberra has an incredible inland location that manages to be close to many things that would otherwise be an extended trip from coastal cities.

As previous discussed, Canberra and the surrounding land is perfect for campervan exploration.  With incredible colors put on by the deciduous forests of Canberra, getting out and around the capital will bring you face to face with the beauty of the Australian heartland.  If you would rather sit back then drive, you can make use of numerous sightseeing tours organized from Canberra.  If you would like to see the capital region from the sky, then consider a balloon tour. The near by Booroomba Rocks Wall can provide opportunities for those who love rock climbing to test their skills, ranging from simple to complex.  As a final consideration for the winter months, the ski resorts make Canberra the perfect place to set off for your next winter holiday.

While the surrounding area is a holiday in its own right, the city of Canberra itself has enough going on to easily entertain you for an entire stay.  The first thing you will be struck by when entering Canberra is the civic and governmental pride.  With large centrally located governmental buildings, beautiful gardens, and wide rectangular lawns, Canberra is a cultural center of the country and supports an incredible range of museums and civic centers.  Check out the Parliament House as well as the Old Parliament House.  The International Flag Display, the Australian War Memorial, and the Questacon Science Museums also provide fun attractions.  There is also a wide range of shops and restaurants.  Once you have had your fill, consider laying out on one of the many centrally planned parks and green spaces.  From the smallest eatery to the most important government building, Canberra has something for everyone.

Canberra, ACT, Australia
overcast clouds
humidity: 94%
wind: 1m/s SSE
H 11 • L 7
Weather from OpenWeatherMap

Canberra has a far cooler climate then the majority of Australia.  With chilly winters, heavy fog, and the occasional frost, Canberra can get cool.  This means an average of around 7 degrees Celsius during the cool months as well as around 23 degrees Celsius in the warmer months.  With low levels of precipitation year round and a great deal of sunshine, Canberra more often then not as good, pleasant weather that everyone can enjoy.






There are no Campervan parks in the center of the city.  However, the majority of campervan parks are situated near major roadways, making transportation in and around the region much easier.  To the east there are half a dozen camper van rentals located about 35km on 852.  There are also additional options located more then 35km out to the west and south with prime locations in and around park space.  A popular winter travel spot with nearby ski resorts be sure to plan your camper van rental and camper van park destination well in advance.

Campervan & Motorhome Rental Locations in Canberra



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