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Compare 4WD Hire in Perth

Let’s start planning your next Australian road trip with a Perth 4WD hire. Western Australia and the city of Perth are full of exciting places to explore and incredible sights to see. Many of these sights are only accessible through off-road driving.

There is no need to worry if you don’t own a four-wheel-drive of your own. Western Australia is full of companies that offer 4WD hire, Perth is just one of many. If you plan to sleep in your vehicle, you also have an option of renting a 4WD camper hire in Perth.


Our Favorite Destinations with a 4WD Rental in Perth

Destination One: Lancelin Dunes
The Lancelin Dunes will provide you with an incredible day trip that you can revisit at any time. Four-wheel drivers take to the sand dunes for a day of adventure that differs at every visit. The sand shifts as the riders explore creating new patterns for your 4WD hire to discover.

The Lancelin Dunes are an exciting place to visit and a well-known four-wheel drive and tourism destination. Remember to take great care in choosing your 4WD vehicle. This vehicle could take you on a week long road trip around the western Perth area.

Maybe you could include multiple four-wheel drive road trip destinations in your week long trip.

Destination Two: Wedge Island
Find yourself a 4WD campervan hire. This vehicle will enable you to make your day trip at Lancelin Dunes into a two-day trip that includes Wedge Island. Wedge Island features sandy tracks that attract four-wheel drivers to the close-knit community.

Wedge Island is surrounded by coastline perfect for surfing and relaxation. Enjoy the area. The views are breathtaking, waves are incredible, and tracks are uniquely crafted by previous drivers, which is great.

Australia is known for its off-road, four-wheel-drive tracks and destinations. Wedge Island is just one of many incredible sand tracks.
Destination Three: Moore River
Moore River is more than a tourist destination. It’s beautiful and breathtaking, but it is also home of a native settlement. The camp used to be an Aboriginal settlement and internment camp. The site has plenty of historical meaning.

A trip to Moore River could be an eye-opening trip. The trip would be an incredible experience. Take the 4WD car hire on an off-road journey to Moore River.

Include Moore River in your next Australian road trip vacation. This place is beautiful. The area can add some historical significance to your trip, but there are also plenty of other sights to see in the area, which you might not want to miss.

Destination Four: Wilbinga
This is a great place for new four-wheel drivers to check out. The area has nice lookouts, beaches, and is only about 68km from the Perth CBD.

An advanced driver will have their own vehicle with 4WD and have mastered Wilbinga. It is a well-known four-wheel drive locale for a reason, you should check it out.

Wilbinga features sand tracks and beaches. Your 4×4 hire got you here and now you can enjoy the incredible sights and tracks that the area has to offer.

Destination Five: Mundaring Weir State Forest
Prepare to have your breath taken away. This state forest is beautiful and incredible. The awe-inspiring views are sure to melt your heart. Jump in your 4WD car hire and hit the road. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

Waterfalls, cascades, forestry, and Australian wildlife exist here and are available for your wandering eyes. Come take a look at what Mundaring Weir State Forest has to offer you.

This is also a great place to stay over. After all, you are more likely to catch a sight of the local wildlife during the early morning hours.

Destination Six: Preston Beach
Preston Beach is a beautiful bayside retreat. It is an incredible day trip destination close to Perth. The beach is clean and offers the opportunity to swim. However, it is swimming at your own risk. Meaning there is no lifeguard on duty.

Preston beach is a town that hosts plenty of tourists. The city features bayside hotels and plenty of fun. For a nature-oriented visit, consider taking a 4WD campervan hire. You can spend the night in your van close to the beach.

This is the optimal tourist destination on the list. If you like to mingle and have lots of fun, this is the place for you. Spend a night here, the nightlife is amazing.

Destination Seven: Lake Navarino
You will definitely want a 4WD hire for this trip. The lake offers wakeboarding and swimming, along with plenty of other water activities. The surrounding area is inhabited by four-wheel drive trails that are sure to get your adrenalin pumping.

Lake Navarino features the Waroona Dam. It also features many other incredible views. Stay close by in a 4WD camper hire for an astonishing night spent under the stars.

You can watch the sunset and rise on the beach and enjoy a bonfire. Your friends and family would love to spend an evening at Lake Navarino.

Destination Eight: Julimar State Forest
The area features both gravel and dirt tracks for your four-wheel driving endeavors. You could definitely satiate your sense of adventure at this 4WD hire Perth locale.

One of the most well-known trails feature ‘The Extreme Hill.’ It can be dangerous so new drivers may want to avoid the hill. The tracks host some tight turns and are lined with tall trees. The forest is an incredible track to drive through.

Some of the tracks can be quite advanced, but the Julimar State Forest is still highly recommended. Plus, the dense forest is striking and home to some incredible wildlife.

The Julimar State Forest is a perfect four-wheel drive destination, especially for experienced four-wheel drivers.


Concluding Ideas about a Perth 4WD Hire

Once you’ve got the power of a 4×4 hire at your fingertips anything is possible. The ability to travel off road will open up an opportunity to explore a whole new world.

There is plenty to see in the western Australia Outback. Find your 4WD hire, Perth will provide you with the adventure, and trust me, there’s plenty of adventure!


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