Botanical Gardens, Brisbane

City Botanical Gardens, Brisbane

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labourerfallacious (contributor)

The City Botanic Gardens, are the original Botanic gardens. These gardens are quite large. They are located beside the Brisbane River and are only about 10mins from the Queen street mall or the Railway Stations. You will find office workers enjoying these peaceful “green” gardens that have lots of open space, a Bamboo Grove, Weeping Fig Avenue, Mangrove Boardwalk, ornamental ponds, sculptures and nice riverside views.
The Brisbane Riverstage is where various outdoor concerts are held at different times of the year, probably the Xmas one the most memorable.
On my walk, I did notice a Bicycle hire van with all types of bicycles for hire. The park is also popular for weddings, so don’t be surprised if you see one!
You can catch a Bus or Ferry to the gardens, and the FREE LOOP BUS also stops here. I happened to see this beautiful tree in bloom, the only problem, I don’t know the name of it so I can’t buy one. Isn’t it beautiful!

Hackitzoey (contributor)

These expansive gardens are located along the river, alongside the Gardens Point Campus of the Queensland Univeristy of Technology.

The gardens are almost a museum of plants, with specimens of heritage plants through to modern day and exotic species, duck ponds (and ducks) and plenty of shady, private places to sit and enjoy someone’s company, read a book or contemplate your next move. You can also sit on benches along the river, and admire many of the moored boats at the Riverside end of the gardens.

There are mangroves along the river, with optional elevated bridge paths through this unique ecosystem to have a closer inspection and smell!

If you are interested, there are guided walks through the gardens leaving from the main Rotunda, opposite the Albert Street gates, which leave at 11.00am and 1.00pm each day except Sunday, and excluding holidays.

Its a great walk from here, through the gardens and across the Goodwill Bridge over to Southbank, if you want to explore further.

meansfast (contributor)

Brisbane’s City Botanical Gardens are located in a bend in the city’s river, next to the Queensland University of Technology and just a short walk south of the CBD.

If you cross over Goodwill Bridge from Southbank Parklands, this will bring you to the south-west entrance to the gardens. From here, there is a main path that leads through the centre of the gardens to Albert Street at the northern end of the gardens. Smaller paths branch off in all directions from this main walkway.

During my trip to Australia in April 2006, I had already visited the Botanical Gardens in both Sydney and Melbourne and I must say that Brisbane’s equivalent is not nearly as impressive as those of its counterparts. However, it is a nice place to escape the busy city streets and high rise buildings of the CBD and to relax in tranquil surroundings.

The paths are popular with walkers, joggers and skaters, while the large grassy lawns attract sunbathers, picnickers and families playing ball games. The gardens contain many tall palm trees, a lily pond, shaded pagodas and benches, tropical plants and flowers and a couple of trees with bright orange flowers that glowed spectacularly in the afternoon sunshine.

The gardens are open 24 hours a day and there is no admission charge.

There is a cafe with outdoor tables located at the southern end of the gardens.

ranchershat (contributor)

You can come off the Boardwalk into the Botanical gardens and spend time looking around the ponds and Gardens.
You can hire a bike at the front gate.
If you would like to sit and have a meal or just a coffee or coke there is the Gardens Kiosk/Cafe’.
You could also take a picnic and sit on the grass and enjoy watching the passing parade of visitors.

There are a number of statues throughout the gardens.

This is a popular place for weddings.

SacGreenhouse (contributor)

At the riverside City Botanic Garden, the “cradle of horticultire” in Queensland, glimpse the history of early settlement in Brisbane. Discover the first formal plantings of Queensland native plants and also exotic plants, imoirted in colonial days to help establish collections for the first botanic gardens in Brisbane.

The walk differ in each day so you may come as often as you like :-).

open: 24 hours a day
free guided tours from the rotunda south of the Albert St. Entrance: Tues-Sat 11am & 1pm (free)

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