George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens

 Gardens Rd & Gilruth Avenue, The Gardens NT 0820, Australia +61 8 8999 4418 Website 7am – 7pm Darwin Campervan Hire

talenteddesktop (contributor)

The paths from the Rainforest Loop either go north to the Shade Garden and Tiwi Wet Forest, or to the west to the Tropical Savannah and back to the northwest entrance. I was running out of time, so I went to the Tropical Savannah. The Adansonia (baobab or boab) trees and the Moringa tree were really unique looking. I did not know about Moringa trees until writing this tip. They are an amazing food source and have medicinal properties too. From the signboard and knowing where I took the picture, I think the second picture here is of the Moringa drouhardii near the “Y” in the paths at the top of the signboard.

tugtephra (contributor)

There seemed to be a mix of plants from several different habitats here. For example, in one place there were a hibiscus bush, palm tree, cycad, and adansonia (baobab) tree planted next to each other.

bendispensers (contributor)

The northwest entrance to the George Brown Darwin Botanic Gardens is a secondary entrance on Gilruth Avenue. There is a nice path to the main part of the Gardens through the Woodland Habitat and across the bridge to the Heritage and Borassus Lawns. Just before the bridge you pass the first stop on the Aboriginal Plant Use Walk at a River Pandanus. It was my last day and I only had about an hour to visit the Gardens. I really only saw a small part of them. Generally my route passed through or by the Woodlands, Heritage Lawn, Borassus Lawn, Ramp to the Permaculture Terraces and Orientation Center, Orientation Center, Plant Display House, Rainforest Loop, Tropical Savannah, and back to the northwest entrance. Admission to the Botanic Gardens is free.

landhornet (contributor)

This ramp and path run from the Borrasus Lawn up the hill past the Community Food Garden at the Permaculture Terraces. The path then meets the primary loop road for the Botanic Gardens, which passes the Orientation Center and Plant Display House. Unfortunately I arrived at the Orientation Center like two minutes before it was supposed to close (it is open Mon – Fri, 8 AM – 4 PM, and 8:30 AM – 4 PM on weekends and holidays); however, they had closed already and I was not able to get a map or brochure. I did not stop at the Plant Display House but it too may have been closed.

malakglorious (contributor)

The path down from the Rainforest Loop upper pool winds down along the rocky streambed and would have views of the waterfall; however, at that time it had been dry and there was no water running over the pool’s edge to make a waterfall. There was a Chime Tree (Albizia gauchapele) beside the trail going down Rainforest Loop. The signboard said that a Chime Tree is a giant tree from the equatorial regions of Mexico and South America (the one on the left in the picture with the kink in the trunk and no vine on it). It has a distinctive, flaky, brown bark. The seeds in its bean-like pods rattle with the slightest breeze, like a melodious chime.

muffinfilk (contributor)

Rainforest loop is one of the main things to do at the George Brown Botanic Gardens. The path is about a 0.5 km loop up to a pool with a small bridge across it and a waterfall over the edge of the pool. It had been dry so no water was running out of the pool to make a waterfall.

sheepnagging (contributor)

Information and self-guided maps are available at the Orientation Center. Since it was closed, I had to rely on the signposts and signboards. The first picture is an example of the signboards. It says that the main features of the Botanic Gardens include the Rainforest Loop, Cycad Garden, Plant Display House, Wesleyan Church, Children’s Playground, and the Tiwi Wet Forest.

vocalorcus (contributor)

i find nothing better then spending a sunday morning walking amid the plants of Darwin’s ‘George Brown Botanical Gardens’. Named in honour of the former mayor and 1 time gardener the botanical gardens are full of many of darwins local plants and those the locals grow in theire gardens. A cool and relaxing place to take a stroll.

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