Most Common Features in High Top Campervan Rentals

If the idea of traversing Australia in a motorhome appeals to you, but you want to cut back on costs, you may want to consider a high-top campervan. High-top campervans offer many of the same advantages and features of larger-scale motorhomes, but at a fraction of the cost. Renting a high-top campervan instead of a full-size caravan may enable you to budget more vacation days and ultimately enjoy more of what Australia has to offer.


Features Included in Most High Top Campervans:

• Basic kitchenette: It may surprise you, but most high-top campervans actually include a kitchenette. It isn’t going to be as well-equipped as the kitchen you would find in a full-size motorhome, but it typically will include a fridge and a microwave. In some cases, you may also find a freezer. Gas cookers are common as well, and usually you will Hi Topfind a dual burner. You probably will not find an oven. Also keep in mind that the fridge and freezer will be smaller than those in full-size motorhomes or caravans. Still, a dual burner and a small fridge are adequate for preparing simple meals.

• Comfortable space: With a high-top campervan, there is a little extra vertical space, which in most cases means you can actually stand upright without hitting your head on the ceiling.

• Air conditioning: Average temperatures in Australia rise to around 86 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. While this isn’t blazing hot standing outside, it would still be uncomfortably hot inside your rented campervan if it didn’t come with air conditioning. Thankfully, AC is a standard feature in most high-top campervans. Most high-top campers also include heat, so if you are travelling in Australia during the winter, you can stay warm and cozy. There are currently no rental campervans with air conditioning in the main cabin of the vehicle when the engine is off. The engine will need to be running if you want to run the AC in a high top campervan.

• Basic entertainment: While entertainment features in high-top campervans are not as sophisticated as what you would encounter in a full-size caravan, most models at least include a radio and a CD player, typically with a port to plug in your iPod or MP3 player as well. That means you can listen to music on the road!


Features Not Available in Most High Top Campervans:

Now that you know which features are common in high-top campervans, you may be wondering which features are not offered.

• Bathroom: Some high top campervans actually do include toilets, but the majority dispense with the toilet and shower in order to accommodate other features. So make sure that if you rent a campervan, you will be taking it to parks which include shower and toilet facilities.

• Extra bed space: High top campervans are best if you are travelling by yourself or with one or two other people. Usually they sleep two to three people and have two double beds inside the vehicle. If you are travelling four or more large passengers, a full-size motorhome is a better option and more comfortable.

• Extra entertainment: While your high top campervan will likely include a radio and CD player, it probably will not include a flat screen TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, or other entertainment features. Of course, if you bring a computer with you, you can simply plug it in and enjoy any movies you have stored on your hard drive. Some high top campervans also provide WiFi so you can stream content online but there are currently only a couple of suppliers who can accommodate the internet.

So now you have a much better idea which features are included in high top campervan rentals and which are (usually) not. Before you place a reservation on a high-top camper, take a look at the specs and check which features are available. It is also a good idea to check out the layout inside and the dimensions to make sure that you will be comfortable. For many travelers, a high-top campervan is the perfect choice for exploring Australia, offering high-end features in a compact, cost-effective package.

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