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smellycolne (contributor)

Mt. Coot-tha, this is where I came for a great view over the capital city of Queensland….Brisbane.
The name ‘Coot-tha’ or ‘Kuta’ was taken from the Aboriginal name for the area which meant ‘honey’ or ‘the place of wild honey’.

From this look-out there are great views of Brisbane City and it’s surroundings. The city centre often has a patch of sun lighting it up, makes for a great photo!

You can see the Brisbane river, and the Mountains, like Mount Warning and Mount Barney, and on a nice clear day like when I was there, I could clearly see Moreton Isand in Moreton Bay and it’s islands to the East, and the Glasshouse Mountains and the D’Agilar Range to the West.

It is surrounded by the Mt Coot-tha reserve which is natural bushland with native wildlife. The Taylor Range of which Mt Coot-tha is a part, forms a backdrop of hills to the city of Brisbane
Come at night….. the view is of a fairyland of glittering lights and plenty of stars on a clear night.

There are powerful binoculars, a wishing waterfall, gardens, Toilets and free parking.
The Kuta Cafe and Gift Shop have informal dining, light refreshments, ice cream kiosk and a range of gifts and souvenirs which didn’t seem too badly priced. The award winning Summit Restaurant is right next door..

Coming by public transport, take Bus 471 to the summit.
Information on this website

Zhengzhoufiller (contributor)

For the best place to catch a glimpse of Brisbane, look no further than Mount Coot-tha, 7km southwest from the city.

Incidentally, Mt Coot-tha was also known as One Tree Hill (sharing the same name as the other famous place in Auckland, New Zealand) in 1880 before the surrounding area becomes a reserve.

There is a cafe, a gift shop and a restaurant right at the summit.

If you walk away from the summit and proceed towards the reserve grounds, you’ll find an offshoot pathway advertising proximity of waterfalls (a few kms away). I was about to hike when 3 lads with shirts off their back and pants really low, stumbled out of the path, perspiring heavily and muttering that it was too disappointing as the current drought had taken away much of the flow of JC Slaughter Falls.

I also spied another sign advertising another pathway featuring aboriginal art but since I have seen my share of them in Oz, I gave it a pass.

At the foot of Mt Coot-tha, you’ll find both the extremely awesome Brisbane Botanical Gardens and the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium.

The former (free entry) was immaculately organised and I found myself wandering from sections to sections, seemingly endless. Thrilled to stumble upon some coffee trees on the grounds, rich with red coloured berries!

I arrived at the latter to find disappointment as I have missed the last of the shows. Entry was a mere A$2. Guess I’ll just have to be contend and be satisfied with wandering among the Solar System and the Galaxy then. What stuck in my mind though was the sultry fragrance of jasmine, at the entrance of the Planetarium. Jasmine was blooming gloriously at the time and the aroma was pure allure.

Bus 471 will get you to all 3 places from Adelaide Street, opposite King George Square. Having bought a Zone 1+2 ticket for the day at A$4.40, I took full advantage of it. A note though: Do remember to check the schedule for the last buses to and fro or you may find yourself stranded!

puffparker (contributor)

This is a must-visit location in Brisbane. Located 7 kms from the city centre – and accessed by buses which run at 30 minute intervals, it is the single best vantage point of the sprawling city of Brisbane, beyond to Moreton Bay and D’Aguilar Range to the west of the city.

This 220 hectare reserve consists of mountain top natural bushland and wildlife environment. It was originally designated a reserve for the locals to enjoy as far back as 1880, when there was only a shelter and a kiosk there for use.

Now, there is the Kuta Cafe and Giftshop – where you can enjoy takeaway and snacks or the Summit Restaurant. The restaurant hosts functions and is a very high quality eating venue. The views from the restaurant at night are awesome. One memorable meal we enjoyed here was during a fierce storm, and nature’s fireworks over the city and lights was beautiful and exciting to watch.

sheerdesserts (contributor)

Mount Coot-tha offers panoramic views over the city of Brisbane and beyond to Moreton Bay and it’s islands to the East, and the Glasshouse Mountains and the D’Agilar Range to the West. During the evening it is sea of glittering lights stretching out almost as far as you can see. I reccommend seeing both views if you have time because in my opinion they differ enormously, during the day the Brisbane River is the focal point whilst it is virtually invisible at night. Look down at the pavement while you are there and you will see the ebbs of the River illustrated through a series of tiles which is interesting – see if you can pick the parts of the river!

The name ‘Coot-tha’ or ‘Kuta’ was taken from the Aboriginal name for the area which meant ‘honey’ or ‘the place of wild honey’. Mount Coot-tha is about 7km from the City Centre and buses run there every 30 minutes during the day. Also worth a look in this area is the Botanical Gardens and the Planetarium and you can have a bite to eat at the Summitt Restaurant or grab an ice cream there on a hot day.

Cuttingingersoll (contributor)

Another one of my favourite things to do is go to Mount Cootha. But not just to see the views of the city.
You can bike ride through some really nice forests. There are tracks for beginners and pros, and you can go for as long or quick as you like.

If you can’t or don’t want to hire a bike, walking is another great option!

I also suggest that you go to your local supermarket before heading off on your journey. Lunch at Mount Cootha is a little expensive if your on a budget (because the only places to eat there are at the lookout, full of tourists). So, if you pack your own yummy lunch, you’ll save money and be able to have a nice picnic lunch in the forest all by yourself :)

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