The Benefits of Hiring a 4WD Camper over a Campervan or Motorhome

Trying to decide whether to rent a 4WD camper, a campervan, or a motorhome for your Australia vacation? There is technically no single “best” option—there is only the best option for your needs. The trick is to figure out what that is.

This article will focus on 4WD campers and the benefits that they offer over motorhomes and campervans. Keep in mind that motorhomes and campervans also have their advantages. But if you find that a 4WD camper appeals to you after reading this article, it may very well be the right choice for your rental. Just keep in mind that 4WD rentals are typically a bit more expensive than campervans; this is because of the added cost to insure them (worth it if you are into off-roading).


1. 4WD campers are compact and easy to drive and park.

4WD Landcruiser4WD campers have a low profile, a feature they share in common with campervans—but not motorhomes, which are generally quite large.

Motorhomes of course are able to fit in more luxurious features, but if you do not need all those features, their size can be problematic. It is harder to find a parking space to accommodate a larger vehicle, and even when you do, you may have to pay more for it.

With a 4WD camper, it is easy to find a parking space, and you will not have to pay extra. You also will find that the vehicle is much easier to manoeuvre, and that high winds have less of an impact while you are driving. This makes it much easier to transition into if you are used to driving smaller vehicles.


2. Some models include a toilet, shower, and kitchen facilities.

While many 4WD campers include only the basics, higher-end 4WD camper rentals may include additional amenities. Some models have a portable toilet and a functional shower (usually an outdoor solar shower)—unlike campervans, which rarely include either. Others may have a full-featured kitchen which includes a fridge, sink, and gas stove.

So staying in a 4WD camper can actually be as comfortable as staying in a large motorhome!


3. Expandable tents and pop-up roofs add space without compromising on the low profile.

How do higher-end 4WD campers manage to fit in so many excellent features while retaining their compact size? The answer generally takes the form of expandable tents and pop-up roof space. These features can be collapsed while you are driving, and expanded when you are parked. They provide you with additional sleeping and seating areas so that the rest of the vehicle space can be used for other features.


4. Your rental may include an extra-large fuel tank.

4WD campers are of course designed to drive off of major roads—where gas stations often are not available.

What this means for you is an extra-large fuel tank! Because the manufacturers of these vehicles know you may be out of range of a gas station for extended time periods, they outfit their vehicles to get you from point A to point B without having to refuel. That means fewer gas station stops, even if you stick to the main roads.


5. You can off-road in a 4WD vehicle.

The biggest benefit of a 4WD camper over a campervan or motorhome is right in the name: 4WD stands for “4 wheel drive!” 4WD vehicles can drive on unsealed roads or off-road surfaces which campervans and motorhomes cannot safely traverse. This opens up opportunities to explore Australia which take you far beyond what you could see and do in a campervan or a motorhome.

So now you know 5 great reasons to consider a 4WD camper over a motorhome or campervan—even with the added expense. These compact vehicles may not be quite as luxurious or spacious as motorhomes, but they are easy and affordable to drive and park, and they allow you to explore more of Australia’s beautiful Outback.

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