Tips for Eating Cheap on Vacation

When you are planning a vacation, you know that you need to account for the cost of eating on the road. And if you have planned many vacations in the past, you know that no matter how well you think you have planned in this regard, you probably will end up spending a lot more […]

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Tips to Drive a Motorhome Safely

If you have never driven a motorhome before, you may find it to be quite a disorienting and daunting prospect. Driving a motorhome safely is a bit more challenging than driving a smaller vehicle safely. But it is not too hard to learn, and you should adjust relatively quickly. Following are some tips which can […]

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The Best BIG4 Motorhome Parks in Australia

While you are exploring all that Australia has to offer, you are doubtless going to be spending some nights parked at motorhome parks across the continent. You might think that any motorhome park is much the same as another—just somewhere to pull in, hook up, sleep, empty your dump tanks, and be on your way. […]

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Optional Items for Motorhome Rentals

If you’re going to be renting a campervan or motorhome, you may sometimes see references in the terms and conditions or pricing pages to “optional items.” While you are planning ahead, it is a good idea to think about some of these optional extras, and whether you might want to tack them on when you […]

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