7 Reasons to Take Your Motorhome or Campervan Trip Off-Season

Have a road trip planned, but haven’t yet decided when you will be vacationing in your hired motorhome, campervan or 4WD camper in Australia? If you are not set on the dates yet, you should think about travelling off-season. Following are 8 reasons why. 1. You’ll save money. One of the main reasons to travel […]

10 Red Flags That Tell You to Avoid an RV Park on Vacation

As someone with extensive experience staying at RV parks, I have been surprised to notice that while there are many articles online to help vacationers to choose motorhome parks based on their features, I have not seen a whole lot of advice on how to avoid parks with vacation-ruining issues (i.e. noise, poor amenities, administrative […]

Factors Which Impact the Cost of Motorhome Spaces in RV Parks

When you are planning a vacation in a motorhome or campervan in Australia, one of your steps will be finding motorhome parks where you can stay. That is going to involve price comparison both between parks and within parks. You will probably notice a significant price differential during your search, sometimes even within a relatively […]

8 Tips for Taking a Motorhome Vacation with Young Children

In many respects, a motorhome is ideal for travelling with kids of all ages. You have extra room for everyone’s luggage, and RVs tend to offer more sleeping spaces than your typical hotel room. Plus, travelling in a motorhome is just plain fun, and it is something that kids can get excited about. In order […]

Tips to Drive a Motorhome Safely

If you have never driven a motorhome before, you may find it to be quite a disorienting and daunting prospect. Driving a motorhome safely is a bit more challenging than driving a smaller vehicle safely. But it is not too hard to learn, and you should adjust relatively quickly. Following are some tips which can […]

The Best BIG4 Motorhome Parks in Australia

While you are exploring all that Australia has to offer, you are doubtless going to be spending some nights parked at motorhome parks across the continent. You might think that any motorhome park is much the same as another—just somewhere to pull in, hook up, sleep, empty your dump tanks, and be on your way. […]

Optional Items for Motorhome Rentals

If you’re going to be renting a campervan or motorhome, you may sometimes see references in the terms and conditions or pricing pages to “optional items.” While you are planning ahead, it is a good idea to think about some of these optional extras, and whether you might want to tack them on when you […]

Tips to Plan a Weekend Break in a Camper

Tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life? Renting a campervan is a great way to get away for the weekend without paying the steep price of a hotel room. You can park right in one of Australia’s gorgeous national parks and enjoy the comforts of home, complete with a kitchen, bathroom, cozy bed, […]

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